Fabio Gómez-Rodríguez, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Economics Department
College of Business
Lehigh University
p: (610) 758-3425
e: fabio.gomez-rodriguez@lehigh.edu

Research Economist
Economic Research Department
Central Bank of Costa Rica
e: gomezrj@bccr.fi.cr
Interests: Time series, macroeconomics, monetary and fiscal policy.
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  • Ph.D. Economics, Indiana University (2021)
  • MA Economics, Indiana University(2018)
  • Dipl.-Wirt.-Math., Technische Universität Darmstadt (2011)

Working Papers

  • The dynamic effects of economic shocks on heterogeneous inflation expectations (with Yoosoon Chang, Gee Hee Hong)
  • Regime Dependent Effects of Monetary and Fiscal Policy on the Distribution of Inflation Expectations (with Yoosoon Chang) [pdf]
  • How does U.S. Government’s Decisions Affect its Borrowing Costs? (with Yoosoon Chang and Christian Matthes) [pdf]
  • An Endogenous Regime Switching Model for the Exchange Rate Pass-Through Effect (with Carlos Brenes and Manfred Esquivel) [pdf]
  • Testing for Unit Roots in Functional Autoregressive Models (with Yoosoon Chang and Joon Park)
  • What Drives Expected Inflation?

Research before Ph.D.

  • Asymmetries of the Exchange Rate Pass-Through to Domestic Prices: The Case of Costa Rica (with Mandfred Esquivel) [pdf]
  • Forecasting German Recessions: An Application of Markov Regime Switching Models


Lehigh University – Economics Department

  • (ECO-415) Econometrics I
  • (ECO-157) Statistical Methods II

Indiana University – Economics Department

  • (ECON-E201) Introduction to Microeconomics
  • (ECON-E370) Introduction to Empirical Econometrics
  • (ECON-E371) Statistical Analysis for Business and Economics
  • (ECON-E471) Econometric Theory and Practice I

Universidad de Costa Rica -Escuela de Matemática

  • (MA-233) Mathematics for Economists IV
  • (CA-404) Linear Models
  • (MA-720) Probability Theory
  • (MA-1002) Calculus II
  • (MA-1004) Linear Algebra